WC: Senior Syllabus

The Senior Syllabus (Grades 9-12) begins training the second Wing Chun form, Cham Kiu. As well as developing your Chi Sau skills through working on strategies of attack and defence, you also look into strategies for Multiple Assailants, Weapons, and Controls/Locks/Takedowns. Click here to go to the Syllabus Overview.

Grades 9-11 have specific Chi Sau exercises that build upon each other through the grades, whilst the Theory, Form, and Lat Sau use a rotation system as in the Intermediate Syllabus.

Self Defence is again taught in these lessons but not graded as you continue to experiment with your own Wing Chun through different situations and problems.

Grade 12 is the final Revision Grade, where you need to show the complete Student Syllabus to a higher standard. The Self Defence part is again graded as a Pressure Test, and incorporates any/all attacks and situations from the syllabus.

Once you pass Grade 12 you get to wear a black t-shirt and start working on the Advanced Syllabus.

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WC: Form – Siu Nim Tao

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