YKF: Beginner Syllabus

The Beginner Youth Syllabus (Grades 1-4) is split into the following parts:
– Form
– Self Defence
– Theory

While the Form is grade specific, the rest of the Syllabus is organised into a rotation system of three terms where all students train the same material together but will be expected to perform it at a grade appropriate level.

Grade 4 is a Revision Grade where you need to show all the material from the previous three grades to a higher standard. Grade 4 also includes a Pressure Test which takes different aspects from the syllabus and combines them with pad work in an exercise aimed at putting you and your Wing Chun under pressure.

This Term

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March-June 2022 is Rotation 2

Form: Grade Specific
Self Defence Rotation: Kicks
Theory Rotation: Rotation 2

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WC: Form – Siu Nim Tao

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WC: Theory

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