Two main strategies:
– You face your attackers.
– Your attackers encircle you.

Two main scenarios:
– Self Defence: with the aim of escaping as soon as possible.
– Take Them Out: when unable to escape for some reason.


  1. Get to the outside.
  2. Line them up so they can only attack you one at a time.
  3. Use hostages effectively to protect yourself.
  4. Use circular movements to preserve momentum.
  5. Unpredictable/unconventional movements.
  6. Using appropriate range/4th CL awareness.
  7. Do not be a static target – use dynamic ground connection instead of rooting.

Exercises should be practiced slowly until students gain proficiency and control. Speed-link the attackers to the defender: attackers moving at the same speed as the defender (Bob), so while he stays slow, so do they.

Begin with punches only, then add kicks, then grabs/elbows/knees/grappling etc to each exercise. Ground exercises start with kicks then add other attacks as appropriate. Think about group attack strategy as opposed to single person attacks.

Students should also train all exercises with an emphasis on utilising the environment (walls/obstacles etc).

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