WC: Intermediate Syllabus

The Intermediate Syllabus (Student Grades 5-8) focusses on developing your understanding of Wing Chun by looking at form applications, the traditional Chi Sau sets, and a closer range of Lat sau.

All parts of the Intermediate Syllabus are taught as part of a rotation system (similar to the Self Defence in the Beginner syllabus), so everyone will train the same Theory/Form/Chi Sau/Lat Sau but be graded at an appropriate level.

Self Defence is taught in these lessons, however it is not graded as this is where you start to experiment with using your own Wing Chun in different situations and solving problems your own way.

Grade 8 is a Revision Grade, where you need to show all the material from all the Beginner and Intermediate Grades to a higher standard. The Self Defence part is again graded as a Pressure Test, and incorporates all the Beginner and Intermediate Lat Sau along with the Beginner Self Defence attacks.

This Term

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May-August 2022 is Rotation 2

Form Rotation: SNT Section 2 Applications
Chi Sau Rotation: Seung Chi Sau – Double In/Out
Lat Sau Rotation: Close Range Strikes
Theory: SNT Part 2 & Confrontation Assessment

14 Lessons

WC: Form – Siu Nim Tao

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WC: Theory

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WC: Intermediate Chi Sau

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WC: Intermediate – Anti-Grappling

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