How do I log in?

There is a link at the top right of this page (on desktop) or in the menu (on mobile) which will take you to our login page.

Where are my log in details?

To access Futube we need to set up your account and send you some log in details. If you have not recieved yours then please get in touch.

If you have received your email but the link has expired then you can reset your password via the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page.

Some people may find that the email sent when attempting to reset their password gets either filtered into their junk or doesn’t arrive at all. In this case please get in touch with us so we can reset your password manually. The live chat feature on the site is normally the quickest way to get this done as we have instructors staffing the chat throughout most of the day and evenings.

How do I change my password?

Go to the login page and hit ‘Forgot Password’. Ensure you check your junk folder for the email it generates and if it doesn’t arrive then get in touch with us so we can reset it manually. The live chat feature on the site is normally the quickest way to get this done as we have instructors staffing the chat throughout most of the day and evenings.

We are a family, do we need separate accounts?

The short answer is no. Each FuTube account has to have a unique email address associated with it so we typically setup one account for each family and then grant that account access to all the courses needed for all the family members. For most people this works fine and is actually easier as you only have one set of log in information to keep track of.

The only down side is that the course progress of all the students will be tracked all together rather than separately. If you would like to track them separately, or would like separate accounts for any other reason, just provide us with a different email address and we will gladly set it up.

How can I get a FuTube account?

You need an account to access all but the sample course on FuTube. FuTube is currently a closed network which means accounts can only be created by staff at Cambridge Kung Fu. During the COVID-19 situation we are offering a flat rate of £29 per family for full access to FuTube and opportunities for Zoom classes included.

 If you would like access to FuTube then please get in touch with us via the online chat or our contact form.

What courses should I be looking at?

You are free to explore any courses you have access to however there are specific courses that hold the main syllabus for each programme. You will find these via the main menu above.

The kids courses are named after the class your child attends (Tiny Tigers, Little Dragons etc.), and the adults syllabus is split between Wing Chun, Escrima Concepts, and Tai Chi Chuan. You can find courses based on all the major parts of the syllabus as well as extras courses with concepts/ideas for you to explore.

I can’t access a course that I want to try

During the Coronavirus situation we have decided to open up all courses to all paying FuTube accounts. Therefore if you have an active subscription with us (through Cambridge Kung Fu) then you should be able to access any course that takes your fancy.

If you are not able to access a certain course then it is likely due to a technical issue and that’s something we can easily sort out for you. Firstly confirm you are signed in (by checking it has the account name in the menu and not a ‘Sign In’ button). If you are signed in and can’t access a course use the online chat or contact form to get in touch and we will get you up and running asap.

What do I do if I don’t understand something in a video?

A lot of our videos are self explanatory however we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t push our students and challenge them to do/think about things that are complex. Therefore we are here to help you with your training. Get in touch with us and we will do all we can to support you and help you get the most from your training.

What do I do if the Closed Captions/Subtitles on a video are Wrong?

The Closed Captions on our videos are auto-generated by YouTube. Although we do check the captions on all of the Kids content, we are currently unable to check all of the Adults and Youth content so if you do spot something that shouldn’t be there or that you believe is a mistake please let us know and we will correct it.

Can I share my experience on FuTube?

Yes absolutely! We would love to hear/see how your training is going so please email us or post to our Facebook page.

If you have friends or family that are interested in FuTube then they can try out some content here, then ask them to get in touch if they are interested in subscribing to have access.

How do I manage my subscription to FuTube?

Currently you can’t manage your subscriptions online at as this is managed via your Cambridge Kung Fu account in our database. You need to contact us if you would like to make any changes to your membership and we can talk you through the options.

How much am I being charged for FuTube?

Currently all FuTube accounts are linked to Cambridge Kung Fu memberships and therefore FuTube is administered through Cambridge Kung Fu. During the COVID-19 situation we are offering a flat rate of £29 per family for full access to FuTube. Please contact us if you are unsure about your payments or subscriptions.

Who has access to FuTube?

FuTube is currently a closed network where accounts can only be created by staff at Cambridge Kung Fu. Anyone who is currently enrolled in a Cambridge Kung Fu class has an account automatically created for them. We have also allowed people in our extended Kung Fu community to pay for access to FuTube which consists of (but not limited to) students in our schools classes, members that attend irregular events and friends/family of instructors.

FuTube was created out of necessity due to our students not being able to attend physical classes during the Coronavirus outbreak, however it has always been a long term goal at Cambridge Kung Fu to provide online content to our members and the general public. There may come a time in the future when we decide to open up FuTube and allow visitors the ability to create accounts, however we have no current plans to do so until we develop the platform more.

Can I safely let my child use FuTube unsupervised?

Online safety for children is a large and complex subject. Our overall message is that you should allow your child(ren) to use FuTube with all the safety measures you usually use for them the on the internet.

We have done all we can to make FuTube a safe environment (including launching with a closed network so accounts can only be created by Cambridge Kung Fu) however it’s very easy for students to find themselves on other sites that are out of our control. For example we host our video content on Youtube and therefore when watching one of our videos it’s simply one click for the user to be taken to the YouTube website. We are confident we have created a safe environment on FuTube with minimal social features (and security/safety at the forefront during any consideration for adding further social features) however it’s simply not a guarantee that children are safe if left unsupervised on our platform.

We recommend anyone under 18 years of age having supervised access to FuTube and anyone under the age of 13 being closely supervised. If you come across an area of FuTube that could be made safer or if you ever have reason to believe that someone is not behaving appropriately on our platform then we urge you to get in touch as soon as possible.

Can I access FuTube content offline?

Sadly our system is built on a web based application that doesn’t offer the ability to provide offline content. You will find some downloadable resources in some of our courses but our main video content is only available with an internet connection.

Do you have ‘Dark Mode’?

Yes we do! This can be accessed while ‘inside’ a course by clicking the moon symbol in the top right of the screen.

What technology is FuTube built on?

FuTube is built on the popular WordPress CMS with the help of some very clever plugins including LearnDash LMS and BuddyBoss. Our very own Si Hing Craig has put these together and used custom code to integrate it with our in house database, securely synchronising accounts between the two platforms.