Youth Kung Fu

Our Youth Kung Fu programme is based on our adults Wing Chun programme and, like the Wing Chun classes, is split into three levels according to your Student Grade.

Click on the links below for more details about each level and what the focus is for the current term.

Student Grades 1-4

Focussing on:

– First form, Siu Nim Tao, sections 1-4
– Grabs: attacks and defences
– Kicks: attacks and defences
– Punches: attacks and defences
– Basic theory
– Pressure test, 2 minutes

Student Grades 5-8

Focussing on:

– Siu Nim Tao, sections 5-9
– Knees/Elbows/Clinch: attacks and defences
– Basic grappling: attacks and defences
– Going to the ground safely and getting up
– Defending on the ground vs ground based and standing attacker
– Intermediate theory
– Pressure test, 4 minutes

Student Grades 9-12

Focussing on:

– Siu Nim Tao applications
– Applying locks, controls, and takedowns
– Basic weapons: attacks and defences
– Tactics against multiple attackers
– Senior theory
– Pressure test, 6 minutes