The Beginner Syllabus is the foundation of the Escrima Concepts system. It focusses on being able to defend against basic stick strikes using a stick and when being unarmed.
– Student Grades: 1-4
– T-shirt Colour: White

Term 1: Starts January, Grading: March
Term 2: Starts April, Grading: July
Summer Training: Starts July, Ends August
Term 3: Starts September, Grading: December

Grading will be: Monday 11th March – Monday 18th March

Grades 1 and 2
The first 2 grades of the Beginner Youth Escrima Syllabus are split into two rotations. Students for both grades train the material together, but will be expected to perform it at a grade appropriate level for grading. There is also a grade specific double stick pattern that they learn for each grade.

Rotation 1: Inside Defences (Single Stick and Unarmed)
Rotation 2: Outside Defences (Single Stick and Unarmed)

Grade 3
This grade introduces some simple disarms, as well as low blocks, and the final double stick drill.

Grade 4
This grade is in two parts, and although they can both be trained during a single term, it usually takes 2 terms to pass both parts.
Part 1: Sparring Drills
Part 2: Form and Applications

Click here to see the full Youth Escrima Syllabus Overview sheet.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 28 Activities