Wing Chun Chuan

Welcome to the home of Wing Chun on FuTube!

There are 4 main parts of our Wing Chun Student Syllabus: Form, Chi Sau, Self Defence and Theory. For each part you will find courses covering the material trained on each grade, as well as extra exercises and ideas for your training.

If you’re not sure where to go or what to do, get in touch via the Live Chat and we’ll help you out.

Student Grades 1-4

Student Grades 5-8

Student Grades 9-12

Technician Grades 1-4

CKF Wing Chun Facebook Group

We have a ‘members only’ Facebook Group for everyone training Wing Chun with us. You can find it by clicking here. It’s a great place to chat to or make contact with your fellow students outside of class. You can also post questions about the club or syllabus too.