Escrima Concepts

Our Youth Escrima Concepts programme is split into three levels according to your Student Grade.

Click on the links below for more details about each level and what to work on for your current Student Grade.

If you’re not sure where to go or what to do, get in touch via the Live Chat and we’ll help you out.

Student Grades 1-4

Focusing on:

– Basic single stick attacks and defences
– Basic unarmed attacks and defences, vs stick and unarmed
– Double stick coordination drills
–  Basic disarms, both armed and unarmed
– Sparring and recovery drills
– Beginner Form with applications

Student Grades 5-8

Focussing on:

– Disarms, both armed and unarmed
– Aggressive box unarmed strategy
– Controls, both armed and unarmed
– Takedowns, both armed and unarmed
– Basic double stick defences
– Double stick sparring and recovery drills

Student Grades 9-12

Focussing on:

– Tonfa, 3 grips
– Flat hitting, tipping, short-8, reverse roofblocks
– Basic knife, stick and knife, and double knife
– Staff (5 foot), basic attacks and defneces