WC: Senior Lat Sau – Locks, Controls, and Takedowns

The aim is for the techniques to be applied whilst minimising the chances of injuring your opponent.

Some techniques can be done against the first attack, others are more easily applied against a 2nd attack. The Impulses given below are only there as a guide. Most of the techniques can be done from a variety of entries and impulses.

Most techniques can be used as both controls and takedowns, although there are a few that can only be used as one or the other.

Students should look to understand the context of where each technique is strong and weak to be aware of when it is appropriate to use.

Escapes are done through relaxation and movement, before the control/takedown is ‘locked’ or fixed. The aim is to train at the same speed and slowly increase both the attack and defence.

Aim for: Intercept – Position – Submission


SG9: 8 Controls / Takedowns
SG10: Adapting to Resistance 
SG11: 1 minute Control Flow

Criteria for Controlling:

  1. Control their ability to articulate their spine and pelvis. After a Takedown (TD) use Ground Control Position.
  2. Control how much pain/pressure you are applying – no accidental damage!
  3. You should ideally be able to move a person from one place to another when controlling.
  4. If it’s not working, change. Do not fight or force the technique.

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