Snow Leopards Courses

Welcome to the Snow Leopards area of FuTube.

Snow Leopards will be learning one of the Kids Forms, or working through our Youth Kung Fu syllabus.

If you are unsure, please speak to a Snow Leopards Instructor in class, or email us to find out which Form your child is currently studying.

2023, Term 4 Kids Syllabus


2023, Youth Syllabus

We do not have specific videos for the Youth part of the Snow Leopards programme. Instead we work with each student to develop in the following areas:

– Silent masters / breathing exercises 

– Relaxation and calmness under pressure 

– Padwork for endurance, breathing, and keeping relaxed when getting tired  

– Resilience and recovery from physical impacts and pressure

– Movement and evasion

– Maintaining technique and structure when tired and/or under pressure

More Information

If you have any questions about your training, grading, or would just like some pointers please do get in touch via the Live Chat or