Free Taster Activities

A taster of what's available on FuTube

Within this course you will find a sample range of activities from our different programmes and the many courses on FuTube.

Please check through and try them out, and if you have any questions get in touch with us using the Live Chat feature. Good luck, and have fun!

Wing Chun Videos:
1. First Wing Chun Form – Siu Nim Tao. This is the form you will learn in the Beginner classes.
2. Siu Nim Tao Section 1 – Example Application. This is an application you learn as part of the intermediate Syllabus.
3-5. Grab / Kick / Punch Defences. Some of the exercises trained within the Beginner Syllabus.

Escrima Concepts Videos:
1. How to Hold the Stick.
2. Basic Hitting. One of the exercises we use to warm up in a class using a single stick.
3. Basic Punching. Another exercise we use to warm up in a class.
4. Defending a #1 Strike. One of the attacks and first defences you’ll learn.
5. Grade 1 Double Stick Drill. A simple exercise to get used to using two sticks.

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