EC: Intermediate Syllabus

Student Grades 4-6

Welcome to the Intermediate Grades of the Escrima Concepts.

The Intermediate Syllabus has three grades that are used to add more depth and width to your Escrima Concepts skills.

Student Grade 4

  • Focusses primarily on Disarms, Controls and Takedowns, both armed and unarmed
  • Adds some aggression to your defences – the Aggressive Box
  • Begins the main Double Stick part of the syllabus

Student Grade 5

  • Focusses primarily on different Single Stick strategies of defence
  • Completes the basic defences for all five strikes
  • Develops the Unarmed part of the syllabus

Student Grade 6

  • Focusses primarily on dealing with unknown angles of attack and counter attack
  • Looks to round out Single Stick, Double Stick, and Unarmed skill levels to enable transition between them all smoothly
  • Adds pressure and intent in preparation for the senior Grades

You should now be starting to understand how the written syllabus works, and be able to read and follow the Beginner Syllabus without too many problems (go back and look at SG1…). A lot of the exercises have variations depending upon what your partner does, and being able to read between the lines to what is and isn’t important will help you explore these as we can’t film every single option of every exercise .

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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 10 Activities