Escrima Fit

Strength and Structure to Improve your Hitting

Combing simple workout exercises with basic weapons strikes, Neil (with sometimes help from Badger) takes you through some of the workouts he uses.

The first five workouts focus on a specific strike angle per workout, with the following ones using combinations and variations. Each workout has an Intro video explaining which strike is being used and how to do it (in case you’re new to Escrima), followed by a Detail video for each exercise, and then a Practice video for each exercise.

Once you are happy with the exercises you can go straight to the bottom of the course to the Full Workouts section, where each workout is put together as a continuous workout to follow along with (make sure you pause it to rest and have a drink where needed!).

The general idea is that you either do a certain amount (usually 10 or 20) of each exercise, on each side, or you alternate sides during the exercise. If you need to go slower and/or do less, that’s fine.

  • listen to your body, only go at the speed your it’s happy with
  • only do 70% of your maximum so you you’re likely to overdo it
  • change the exercises to make them easier of need be, eg putting your knees down on the plank
  • making sure you drink and rest where necessary

To begin with you’ll just need a stick, or something stick shaped (eg. brolly, cling film tube, rolled up newspaper/magazine etc), and potentially a mat of some kind for floor based exercises.

More detail about the angles and how to hit with a stick can be found in our Escrima Concepts: Complete Beginner course

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