Welcome to the Escrima Concepts Beginner Form.

For Youths this form is graded at Grade 4, and for Adults this form is graded at the end of Student Grade 3 to mark the end of the Beginner Syllabus.

The form aims to help you demonstrate the ideas you’ve learned from training the Beginner Grades, as well as giving you a good starting point when training on your own.

The form is mainly trained solo, but is also to be practiced with an attacking partner who feeds the appropriate impulses.

For grading you only need to be able to perform it with your dominant hand, however once you feel comfortable with this then it is advisable to start practicing with your weaker hand to help build it up.

This form can also be practiced unarmed, and adapted for the other weapons in the EC syllabus. These are variations and not official versions, and are trained to help you understand transition and give you another area for solo training if needed.

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