Welcome to the Senior Grades of the Escrima Concepts.

The Senior Syllabus has three grades that are used to take you out of the comfort zones you’ve built so far by introducing several different weapons. While training this level you can also begin the Instructor Training courses.

Student Grade 7

  • Introduces the Tonfa and its three different grips
  • Quick effective Disarms, Locks, and Takedowns
  • Dealing with power, speed, and intent
  • Looks at using different strategies depending on the situational context

Student Grade 8

  • Focusses completely on knives, used in combination with sticks, unarmed, and more knives
  • This is a 2 day grading due to the amount of material included

Student Grade 9

  • This is where everything you’ve leant in the last 8 grades come together. It is the final grade of the Student Syllabus.
  • Palm Sticks
  • Tri-Sparring
  • Environmental Situations

You should now be able to understand how the written syllabus works, and be able to read and follow the Beginner and Intermediate Syllabus without too many problems (go back and look at SG4…). A lot of the exercises have variations depending upon what your partner does, and being able to read between the lines to what is and isn’t important will help you explore these as we can’t film every single option of every exercise .

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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 18 Activities