Youth Escrima Concepts

During the 6 week course we will be working through the first part of the Beginner Syllabus, adding videos of the material each week as we cover it.

Although the course isn’t as long as a normal term, in the final week there will still be an opportunity for those who are ready to take their first Youth Escrima grade. You can find more details about what this involves in the Syllabus lesson below.

When looking at the Beginner Syllabus details in the lesson lower down, we are focusing on the ‘Inside’ rotation this term, with the senior students potentially working through the ‘Outside’ rotation as well.

Syllabus Overview

This is a brief overview of the whole Youth Escrima syllabus, which should take around 3 years to work through.

Beginner Grades (1-4)
– Single Stick (SS): Defending all 5 basic strikes, inside and outside
– Unarmed (UA): Defending all 5 basic strikes, inside and outside
– Double Stick Drills: Open, Closed, Mixed
– Sparring Drills: #2-#1, #5-#1, #5-#2, #2-#5
– Disarms: Inside & Outside, Single Stick & Unarmed
– Low Blocks
– Beginner Form

Intermediate Grades (5-8)
– Disarms (SS & UA)
– Controls (SS & UA)
– Takedowns (SS & UA)
– Aggressive Box (SS & UA)
– Double Stick: Defending all 5 basic strikes
– Single Stick Sparring

Senior Grades (9-12)
– Tonfa: 3 grips, plus Disarms/Controls
– Staff
– Knife (plus Stick/Knife, and Unarmed

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Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons
  • 15 Activities