Welcome to the Micro Monkeys Kids Kung Fu Course: Dragon.

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In our classes we use martial arts as a way to teach fundamental skills that have been shown to predict success later in life: Awareness, Focus, Resilience, and the ability to Integrate these skills in all that you do. We aim to support each child’s natural growth, helping them to coordinate their bodies and minds, to have fun exercising and being physical, and to learn to overcome challenges which we believe to be the first step towards becoming a confident and successful person. 

At our Micro Monkey age these skills are largely taught through fun games and play. In addition, each term the children learn a series of Kung Fu moves inspired by an animal to help them develop their physical co-ordination and engage their imaginations. 

This term all of the Micro Monkey movements are inspired by the movements of Dragons. The learning here on FuTube is supported by weekly live interactive Zoom classes with one of our instructors (to sign up to a weekly class please email us via email@cambridgekungfu.com or use the LiveChat option on here FuTube).

Each week on FuTube we provide a training plan for your children as follows:

  • A Warm Up (Titled “Micro Monkey Warm Up”)
  • A short game (either “Monkeys on the Bed” or the “Traffic Light Game”)
  • Their Move of the Week practice (which is their Kung Fu form practice)
  • Some strength exercises (“Micro Monkey Exercises”)
  • A Game to play at home which nurtures their Kung Fu Fundamental Skills of Awareness, Focus, Resilience and Integration.

Each component is included as a separate video, and then all components are combined to create a whole lesson or ‘Full Class’ video.

If you have any questions please just get in touch via the LiveChat or email@cambridgekungfu.com.

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